About Think Business Growth

And our partner, IMPAQ Corporation

We get everyone playing the same game. With the same rules.

It is our mission to make it easy for business leaders to deliver breakthrough results in profits, people, planet, progress and playfulness, for a more well-rounded and sustainable definition of business success.

We are based in Los Angeles, California, yet, we provide management consulting for growing businesses across the United States, and occasionally around the world. We have focused knowledge, experience and strength in supporting organizations in healthcare, technology, manufacturing, advertising/media, education, professional services and not-for-profit.

Our clients are small to middle market businesses.

They are committed to creating a positive impact for their clients, staff, community and the planet, even as they meet shareholder expectations. They generally have between 50 to 1000 employees and have managers responsible for producing results in their own functional areas. They need these key business leaders to step up, to act not just in the best interests of their department, but to drive business results for the organization. We accelerate the process of turning these managers into effective leaders who together make up a high performing leadership team.

Our clients are (or aspire to be) leaders and innovators in their fields. And so, they are dealing with challenges of creativity, change, individual, team and organizational productivity, effectiveness, leadership, teamwork, driving business results, accountability & innovation.

If this sounds like you, email us at info@thinkbusinessgrowth.com and let’s set up a time to talk about how we might support the kind of transformation you need to grow or click the Contact Us button below!

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How We Work?

Every ThinkBusinessGrowth solution is customized to meet your needs, goals, challenges, and budget.


Discovery and Project Assesment

Every project begins with a brief discovery/assessment phase. This may be as simple as conversations with the leadership team and key stakeholders. Or, based on your goals, we may recommend a more structured assessment of anything from growth readiness to a diagnosis of accountability breakdowns to individual 360 degree feedback. We’ll talk about your ballpark budget so we can be sure that our direction is in alignment from the start.


Learning from the discovery phase

We will provide a detailed proposal that describes your desired outcomes, our proposed methodology, timing, and other relevant information. We’ll work with you to fine tune this until we have an agreed upon working plan. At that point, we’ll finalize a fee that fits your budget.


Program Implementation.

The next step is implementing the program we have agreed upon. We build in ways to measure progress and success. Our programs are highly interactive. They meet your people where they are.


Coaching and support

Coaching and support are built in to virtually every ThinkBusinessGrowth program. (The only exception is simple trainings.) We do this because coaching and support creates positive accountability for changing behaviors and attitudes that will produce your desired outcomes.

We schedule regular follow up working sessions to measure progress, celebrate success
and fine tune so your team will stay on track for success.

We create accountable cultures that produce accountable results.

Just what is IMPAQ Technology?

– It’s the heart of just about everything we do –

For the past 30 years, IMPAQ Corp has been a global leader in transforming businesses to produce breakthrough results. IMPAQ’s proprietary and unique change management and culture change technology is based on achieving business results and focuses on the “habits of execution” that represent the true culture of an organization. It leverages Middle Management as the change agents for the culture – breaking down silo and blame-oriented behavior – fostering personal and cross-functional accountability, problem-solving and decision making that demonstrates purpose, focus and effective execution.

Each culture change produces measurable results that are linked and correlated, including execution, relationships and deliverables. Thus, each culture is designed to match the needs of the business so there is complete integration. In fact, while most organizations abandon their culture when a business crisis hits the organization, the organizations with culture changes based on the IMPAQ approach have actually used the culture to resolve the crisis efficiently and effectively. The result is sustained success that is measurable and in many cases, leads the organization in becoming a benchmark for others to follow.


Meet Our Team

Sharon Rich

Founder and CEO
ThinkBusinessGrowth, Inc.

Mark Samuel

Founder and CEO
IMPAQ Corporation

Annie Pratt

IMPAQ Corporation

David Rodgers

Executive Organizational Consultant
IMPAQ Corporation

Jane Grossman

Senior Consultant
IMPAQ Corporation

Cynthia Bastian

Client Support
ThinkBusinessGrowth, Inc.

Noah Leventhal