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Spot the hidden game in your business

Did you know there’s a hidden game playing out in your business? Every business has one. It’s made up of the unwritten (and generally unspoken) understandings, rules and agreements between people and functional areas that determine how work gets done. At an ad agency where I worked long ago, decisions would be made with the [...]

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Got Your French Press Leadership?

Pam, a former client who is a leader in a large nonprofit here in Southern California, has a role that requires that she travel. A lot. She considers herself good at it. She may not quite be at the level of the George Clooney character in Up in the Air; still, her carry on suitcase is [...]

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How Much Leadership And Management Debt Is Your Business Carrying?

Businessman trapped under a dollar sign --- Image by © Beau Lark/Corbis "Technical debt," refers to the extra development work that is inevitable when code that is easy to implement in the short run is used instead of applying the best overall solution. Developers can predict that they will have to repay that debt — potentially with steep "interest"— at some point in [...]

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