Culture change HR

and Senior Leadership can agree on

A 2016 DeLoitte study of 7000 companies worldwide tells us that 86% of CEOs have culture change as a top priority coming into 2017.

So, you can expect that your CEO is likely to be looking to HR for support in readying people to work together in new ways to grow the business.

The challenge you face is getting management to dedicate the resources you need to create culture change.

Think Business Growth is a powerful resource for HR in creating alignment with the C-Suite. How? Well, most culture change efforts focus on values and environment. These are part of culture change but they are not the most important part, nor are they the parts that senior management relates to and gets behind.

The key to creating the kind of culture change that creates business results is working with the collective behaviors and mindsets in the organization — and linking these to measurable improvements and deliverables.

No one does this better than we do, in conjunction with our partnership with IMPAQ Corporation, the thought leader in creating accountable growth around the globe.

We work closely with HR to provide culture change solutions that meet the needs of HR as well as of the organization at large.

And that’s not all we provide.

We are also a resource for:

  • Retreats (ask about our game-based transformational events)
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Leadership and Communication Training
  • Executive/Leadership Coaching
  • DiSC
  • 360 degree feedback
  • Harrison Assessments

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