Our Accountable Leadership System turns siloed managers into a high performing leadership team

Imagine if you were running a baseball team instead of a business.What if the pitcher didn’t care about the impact of his performance on the catcher and vice versa? Disaster! Yet, that’s the dynamic businesses set up all the time. Or imagine an orchestra in which the flutes set their own pace, ignoring  the violins — and the drums!

We get people who are superstars at finance or marketing or technology or quality or operations and put them  in leadership roles. But, the way of most businesses is to set them up to be responsible only for the results in their own functional area.

The result? Whoever is most clever or loud or political gets the resources regardless of where they are needed most. Functional leaders find themselves making decisions without considering the impacts on other functional leaders areas. Projects move slowly through departments earlier in the process without consideration for the backend of the process or the good of the customer and the business.

This is not their fault. It was set up that way. And its not the CEO’s fault either. Yet, the CEO (or president) is accountable in that the buck stops there. The CEO owns the outcomes.

So now, the CEO is in micromanaging mode. Brokering differences between functional leaders. Trying to be fair to everyone. Dealing with drama.  Spending precious time and attention on managers which takes attention away from the CEO’s best and highest use.

Sound familiar? If so, let’s talk.

We have a program that turns individual functional leaders into a high performing leadership team that drives results for the overall business, not just their functional area.