Did you know there’s a hidden game playing out in your business? Every business has one. It’s made up of the unwritten (and generally unspoken) understandings, rules and agreements between people and functional areas that determine how work gets done.

At an ad agency where I worked long ago, decisions would be made with the entire leadership team present, yet everyone knew to keep disagreements to themselves. They’d leave the meeting and simply not follow through on what had been agreed. And we’d have the same meeting over and over and over again.

Most organizations accept habitual team behaviors that undermine productivity and accountability as unavoidable. People like to operate by the old mantra, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” But if no one is talking about “it”, then how would you even know if it was broken?

Just think about the difference it would make if your team had some clear and intentional agreements — and the ability to stick to them. Slowdowns and breakdowns that are the result of human interactions are only inevitable if you don’t address them — if you let them run your business.

When you don’t want to do that anymore, let’s talk.

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