Last weekend, I facilitated a game-based learning experience at a graduate school of psychology.

I was observing a group of students who were afraid they didn’t have enough resources to win. One woman requested coaching, the others reluctantly agreed. I asked them a few questions that resulted in the awareness that they had more available than they knew.

For one of the reluctant women, this was an Aha! moment. I could see it in her eyes.

She laughed out loud and said, “I see. This is how the billionaires play. We get to make our own rules.”

“Almost,” I said. “It’s not that you get to play by different rules than others. It’s more that the rules were not as rigid as you thought.”

How often does this happen in the business world? 

How often are hardworking people tripped up because they’re working according to perceived rules and old assumptions?

We think that for someone to win, another person must lose.

We think that we shouldn’t ask for help unless there is a serious problem.

We think we are at our strongest when we are self-sufficient and independent.

What if these weren’t the rules? What if these have never been the rules?

What if these are pillars holding up an outdated methodology?

What if you could knock them down?


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